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The M571 site provides M571 BIOS images, manuals, and utitlies. M571 Jumper settings and technical specifications are provided for system setup and troubleshooting. M571 performance upgrades are detailed, including the selection of AMD K6 2 and AMD K6 III processors and modifying the M571 for the use of these processors. These modifications are explained in layman's terms. M571 overclocking and chipset tweaking are explained, including what applications are needed to set registers and how performance improvements are measured and optimized. Finally, my own modifications are presented for your consideration. This site is text based for speedy access to useful M571 information.


The M571 motherboard is manufactured by HSING TECH (oem - id 1437), and marketed as PcChips M571, Eurone/Matsonic EM-5571, Ability, Aristo, Amptron PM9100 A and B versions, Alton (PCWare) MB-571, Elpina, Houston Tech, Protac, and SyberCom This site pertains to M571 1.3, 3.2, 3.2a and 7.0 versions.

M571 Page Contents:


Tech Support

M571 v3.2/7.0 manual - (577K)

M571 v1.3 manual - (132K)

Jumper Settings

Franc Zabkar's M571 Data




How to flash your BIOS

Flash your BIOS + Utility

M571 v7.0A BIOS - (121K)

M571 v3.2/3.2A BIOS - (121K)

M571 v1.3 BIOS



M571 System Upgrades

M571 Video Upgrade & Tweak

M571 Memory Upgrade

AMD K6 III and K6 2 CPU Guide

Chipset Register Tweak Guide

Setup USB & J7 on the M571



timmy's M571 Systems

On Board Video Drivers - v1.13

Brad's On Board Sound Fixes

M571 Win2000 Video Driver - (115K)


M571 Win95 Video Driver - (3.6M)


M571 Win98 Video Driver - (3.6M) *

M571 and related Links

Win98 Video BIOS TSR v1.13 - (20K)





On Board Sound Drivers

HDD sleep utility - (68K)

Win95/98/ME Sound Driver - (3.9M)

Chipset register tweak - (61K)

M571 Win2000 Sound Driver - (461K)**

Win98 joystick driver patch – (24K)

M571 Linux Sound Driver - (25K)





W2K IDE Driver for UDMA


IDE 2.02***

* This onboard VGA BIOS is generally needed when using the version 1.13 driver with Windows 98. After downloading 597v113.exe, enter the DOS command line in Windows. In the C:\ root directory, type "edit autoexec.bat". Add the line C:\597v113.exe to your autoexec.bat file. Save the file and exit the edit application and restart Windows. Your VGA BIOS will now be updated on each system boot.

** This set of files was intended for Windows NT v4. It will work correctly if there are no conflicts, which will not show up in the Device Manager. If sound “echos”, you have a conflict – check the device manager and make sure that the IRQs used for the sound are not used by anything else. You may need to disable a COM or Parallel port and use that IRQ. Install by opening the folder and clicking “ntsetup.exe” and test for correct operation. THANKS TO RODRIGO V. of BRAZIL FOR THIS TIP!


*** This driver set will allow DMA to work with Windows 2000. If you are using an overlay program for an over 32 GB hard drive, you won’t need it, but if you are not, this is the solution for getting DMA working. Execute the installation and follow the instructions. THANKS TO MARCOS V. of BRAZIL FOR THIS TIP!


Note: Video drivers may also be used for the PcChips M567 motherboard.


Why a Web Page for M571 Based Systems?


One may well ask why, in 2005, anyone might have any interest in an M571 based computer system. There are many reasons, first and foremost being the number of systems still being used world-wide. Support for these systems, which was always scantily provided by the manufacturer, continues to be available here.


Did you know that many M571 based systems are still in use all around the world? I’ve personally discussed M571s with people from these countries. Check the list, your country may be on it!






Canada (& Quebec)


China (Hong Kong)


Czech Republic







New Zealand







United Kingdom (& Wales)

United States






As you can see, the use of M571s is world-wide. M571 based systems are still working hard around the globe. It could be said that the sun is always shining on a working M571 somewhere!


Despite the age of the M571, there are still many reasons to use them, even today. This is because they are still widely available, and they are inexpensive, reliable, and versatile. The integrated video and audio functions add to the many uses an M571 system can have in your home or small office. Here are a few uses that M571 systems can still competently perform in your computing environment:


*  Low Cost Web Browsing and Email: the M571 is still well suited to these tasks – there is no need to purchase a newer system for access to the World Wide Web

*  Working with Business Documents and Spreadsheets: the M571 can reliably and efficiently meet these needs with a minimum of investment


But, there are also other functions that the M571 can perform for you:


*  A Firewall to protect your DSL or Cable Connection to the Internet: the M571 is ideally suited for use as a “LEAF”, or Linux Embedded Appliance Firewall, which needs no hard drive to run (boots and runs from a floppy), requires little memory (a 32MB DIMM will do fine) and consumes little power. Some LEAF applications also function as a DNS server, which can speed up connection times for your web browsing

*  A Screening Tool for your Phone Line: Use a modem with your M571 and the “Phone Tray Free” application to filter out pesky telemarketers and other unwanted calls from disturbing your privacy. You can simultaneously use this setup to share a modem connection with your network

*  A Network File Server: the overlay software provided by hard drive manufacturers works great with large drives on the M571, and enables speedy DMA access to files


Almost any computing task that you need support for, but don’t wish to run on your main system or workstation, can be capably supported by an M571 based system. Even though I no longer use an M571 system as my main computing platform, I am presently using three systems for dedicated “appliances” and I’m preparing some of the five spare systems I have for additional uses in my home/office network.



Originally created by Cain Nelson of Australia in April 1999, this site was transferred to Colin Powell of the United Kingdom in August 2000. The M571 pages were transferred to this site in May 2001.


Franc Zabkar posted an important body of M571 technical information on the web, which was added to these pages in July 2002.

I have added M571 upgrade related information to the original content and provided a central point for downloading drivers. I hope that the M571 technical information contained here will be useful to you.

Disclaimer: Information on this site has NOT been authorized by PcChips, nor any company selling these boards, nor any manufacturer of components incorporated into the motherboard. No guarantees are made or implied as to the accuracy or completeness of the information located here. The user of this information in any way assumes all risk for that use.

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