M571 Bios Updates

Note: Before downloading any bios updates, make sure you know which board version you have. Determine this by looking next to the keyboard connector. v3.2/3.2A bios updates are not compatible with v7.0A boards and visa versa.Flashing your bios with the wrong file will render your board useless. The release dates shown here are in the style of the USA: month/date/year, since this is the format that was used in the BIOS release notes.

Click here for instructions on how to flash your bios on the M571.

AMI Bios Flashing Utility

WARNING - this utility must NEVER be run from within Windows. To do so may completely trash your BIOS. There have been reports that even clicking on the filename when in Windows is enough to do this. I would urge you to only keep this utility on floppy disk when in unzipped form. This utility works best when used on a boot disk, which must be made from Windows 98 or 95, or an older version of DOS. A boot disk made from Windows ME, Windows XP, or Windows 2000 will not work with the amifl632.exe flash utility. See these instructions for information on how to flash your BIOS.

File: amifl632.zip - (11 KB)

This is the BIOS ID string that you will see after boot-up, when using the 0421 BIOS images downloaded from this page:


M571 v7.0A - Bios Update

Bios Release Date: 04/21/1999 S
File: 990421s.rom - Zipped (121KB)

Notes:  Fixes HDD Spin Down Problem and provides support for Hard Drives above 8.4 GB and up to 32 GB

M571 v3.2/3.2A - Bios Update

BIOS Release date: 04/21/1999 S
File: 5710421s.bin - Zipped (121KB)

Notes:  Fixes HDD Spin Down Problem and provides support for Hard Drives above 8.4 GB and up to 32 GB

Notes to previous BIOS revisions

As of this date, I have been unable to identify a specific BIOS image with the following M571 BIOS ID strings, which I feel may date from 1997:

51-1120-001437-0011111-071595 M571-007_66_M571-H


File name :0224S.rom

Check Sum: FF91H


Release Date :02/24/1998

1. Fix Release Date Show Error (02/24/1997S)

2. Fix PRINT Screen function Fail



File name: 0423S.ROM

CheckSum: 5D36H


Release Date: 04/23/1998

1. Fix Windows 95 fdd swap fail


File name :0424S.ROM



Release Date: 04/24/1998

1. Add 2.2V CPU support (H/W Support)

2. Add IDT 225MHz CPU

3. Add Cyrix MII CUP Support (300,333 MHz)

4. Add AMD K6 266MHz Support

5. Add ChipAwayVirus Support

6. Modify CPU Table & IO Release

File name: 0506S.ROM

CheckSum: E7A4H


Release Date: 05/06/1998

1. Add Cyrix M II 300-350 CPU

2. Add K6 233/266 2.2V CPU support

3. Add IDT 225 CPU support

4. Add ChipAway Function Release 06/30/1998



File name: 0630SA.ROM

CheckSum: DEBBH


Release Date: 06/30/1998

1. remove SoundPRO Enable/Disable option

2. Source code is 0506S.zip

File name: 0728s.rom

CheckSum: 518EH


Release date: 1998/7/28

1.Fix problem: 'SAMSUNG Ultra DMA HDD can not install WIN98' bug


File name: 0826s.rom

CheckSum: DF8DH


Release date: 8/26/1998

1. add support Cyrix 83.3Mhz Host clock CPU



File name: 0831S.rom

Check Sum: EFC6H


Release date: 8/31/1998

1. Add Cyrix 83MHZ CPU support



File name: 0902S.rom

Check Sum: C173H


Release date: 9/02/1998

1. Modify VGA BIOS to new (V1.10 ) ( Driver update to V1.09 )



File name: 0113S.rom

Check Sum:


Release date: 01/13/1999




File name: 990129S.rom

Check Sum: F9AEH


Release date: 01/29/1999

1. fix PS2 Mouse bug

2. modify Boot Screen string.(CPU Clock)



File name: 990305S.rom

Check Sum:0244H


Release date: 03/05/1999

1. Add IDT CPU Support

2. Add Cyrix CPU Table





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