M571 version 1.3

Download the manual for the M571 v1.3 here: M571 v1.3 manual


Note that this manual does not cover the higher multiplier settings. I recommend that you use it in conjunction with the 3.2a/7.0 manual (download here: M571 v3.2/7.0 manual or refer to the Jumper Settings page by clicking here: Jumper Settings  Remember that the settings associated with the onboard sound capability referred to on the Jumper Settings page do not apply to the M571 version 1.3.



The M571 version 1.3 differs from later versions, such as the 3.2, 3.2a, and 7.0, in that it does not have onboard sound capabilities. Instead, it has a fourth 16 bit ISA bus slot located at the side edge of the board, for a total of four ISA slots. The following is a picture of the M571 version 1.3:

Note how it differs from the versions 3.2, 3.2a, and 7.0 depicted on the index page of this site. For BIOS updates, use the 3.2/3.2a version of the BIOS images available on this page. This will permit the use of hard drives up to 32GB.


Click here for instructions on how to flash your bios on the M571.


For onboard video, use the M571 drivers listed on the main page that are appropriate for your operating system.




This page was last modified on 5 May 2003