Franc Zabkar’s M571 Technical Data

This most important information was compiled by Franc Zabkar. All users of M571 systems wishing to gain insight into M571 technical details should consult these pages. The information gathered here should be considered a must to those who are upgrading or repairing their M571 based systems.


The M571 User’s community owes Franc a tremendous debt of gratitude for making this information available to us, for he has provided the foundation for M571 modification in this information that all of use have used, either directly or indirectly.


Thank you, Franc!

Franc Zabkar’s M571 Technical Data Contents:







M571 3.2 & 3.2a Vcore

Vcore schematic, settings, and resistors for various values

M571 v7.0 Vcore - Part 1

Vcore values with various resistors and settings

M571 v7.0 Vcore - Part 2

Vcore circuit schematic and math calculations

M571 v7.0 Vcore - Part 3

Obtaining vcore values less than 2.2 volts



Tech Data


M571 Front Side Bus Speeds

Supported Front Side Bus Speeds and overclocking possibilities

Pinout data for external connections

Pinouts and connection data for various external equipment

PS2 Mouse

Pinout for using a PS2 mouse with the M571

CPU and Memory power

Describes how regulated power is provided for Memory and CPUs on the M571. Describes how to measure Vcore on the M571

M571 Onboard VGA

Information related to using the onboard VGA capability

JP11 & Onboard Sound

How JP 11 works to disable the onboard sound capability





Franc's Tech links

Franc’s technical links for the M571

Franc's Tech links - part2

More of Franc’s links to M571 information





M571 LMR Vcore

Sore Vcore information for the M571 LMR

Originally created by Franc Zabkar, this site was transfered to the M571 Page in July 2002. This M571 related information increases the M571 Page’s value as central point for M571 information immensely. I hope that the M571 technical information contained here will be useful to you.

If you are experiencing difficulties or require more information regarding this motherboard, please contact the EYO Tech Forum, where you will find a wealth of expertise concerning M571 issues.

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