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The Y Block Ford site provides useful information regarding this engine, which was available in Ford, Edsel, and Mercury cars from 1954 until 1962, and in Ford trucks from 1954 to 1964. Aside from its racing success in many motorsport contests around the world, including NASCAR (a Y Block powered Ford was NASCAR’s champion in 1957) and Pike’s Peak, the Y block was known as a power plant as durable and tough as any made.


The scope of these pages is directed toward street performance, from information that applies to a near-stock application or cruiser, to street setups that are more oriented toward performance.

Y Block Page Contents:

Design and Theory

Y Block Power Potential

Why Ignition Advance?

How the Load O Matic Works



Parts Selection

Intake Manifolds


Exhaust Manifolds


Tuning Tips

Distributor Tuning










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