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Y Block truck owners have a problem when choosing an efficient dual exhaust system. The left hand exhaust manifold is configured for the awkward crossover pipe and is very congested. Some have built a Gabriels Horn, which connects to the stock left hand manifold and makes a sharp bend downward to exit the engine compartment. This solution could cause additional heat build up in the area of the fuel pump, perhaps resulting in a tendency to vapor lock and to some eyes detracts from the appealing form of the Y Block.



A left hand passenger car manifolds outlet is blocked by the F100 steering box. A right hand passenger car manifold may be used on the left side of an F100 Y Block, but this also could place a greater amount of heat near the fuel pump, causing vapor lock. Furthermore, it may be necessary to trim the inner fender of 53 to 56 F100s for clearance, which may be objectionable to some owners. Headers are a solution, being offered by Sanderson and Reds, among others. Not everyone wants to use headers on a street vehicle, however.

An attractive solution: Rams Horns

An attractive dual exhaust installation is possible by using Rams Horns, exhaust manifolds that came on 600 and above series Ford trucks with Y Blocks from 1961 to 1964. These manifolds have generous dimensions, smooth sweeping curves, and to many make a pleasing addition to the engine compartment. Recent magazine articles have increased their popularity, however, and some have paid as much as $350 a pair! Agricultural area wrecking yards and farmers fields are an ideal place to look: Those old Y Block trucks and school busses may sport Rams Horns. Remember that both sides are the same, so if only one is available, the left installation can be done first, and the right installation performed when another manifold becomes available. The crossover port of the right hand stock manifold can be closed with a piece of plate. If you get your manifolds from a vehicle, be sure to get the dipstick and tube if you can; they are different than the stock F100 pieces.

It looks the same - but buyer beware!

Dont be fooled into thinking that this is a Ford Y Block V8 exhaust manifold! Look carefully: this manifold is used on Lincoln V8s installed in large Ford trucks. The Lincoln V8 was used in trucks from 1952 to 1964, and came in 279, 302, 317, and 332 cu. in. displacement. (Lincoln automobiles used 317, 341, and 368 cu. in. engines from 1952 to 1957 and Mercurys used 368s in 1957.)
Spot these impostors by checking the mounting bolt holes: comparing this picture with the top picture, notice how the true Rams Horns 7 mounting holes are aligned, while the end and center holes of a Lincoln manifold are above the line of the other four.

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